Dashboard: Have you looked at yours?

Not too sure if you know how the Dashboard works. I still intend on building it out more, but what it will do is:

  1. Show you every post you have ever made (think facebook activity feed)
  2. Show you some simple statistics on your post. e.g., How many times it has been viewed (that's neat, I want to know if I ran an Ad for example, if 10 people saw it, or 10,000 people saw it), How many times it has been liked, RSVP'd, if it has been Reported or not.
  3. Separates out your comments, so you can see every single comment you have made and get direct access to it.

The purpose for this is to give you a high level view of all your activity on the site and stick it in one place so you don't have to hunt around for it. In my mind, it is way more functional than FBs activity log, simply because of how we are breaking things out. I can never find jack sheet on FBs activity log when I am looking for it.

There is more we can do to improve this, but the base of it is there.


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