The Difference between: Main Events, List Events, and Archived Events

This is the difference between "Main Events" -$20.00 or 2,000 Credits vs "List Event" -$5.00 or 500 credits.

Look at that image. See how it puts all the main events on top of the list events?

Right now, as we are not too busy, we are allowing archive events in with the list. At some point, archive events will fall of that list and be put in its own section for people to go back and look. Kind of like how all of us Ol' Skool kids used to hang flyers on our wall. That is why archiving is +500 -- because it doesn't really have any intrinsic value for an upcoming event. ...but we want to catalog people's shows regardles.

Look at it again. Andy Hughes and Security, Summer Nights w/ Lacy, Sythnwave Slaughter -- because I listed those all as "main" events, they get highlighted on top of the listed events.

See how that works?


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