Explanation: Why Bots Are A Problem

I know that there is kind of the feeling that we would like to see some of the inflated content and users temporarily as we gain traction, but their are some fundamental problems with that thinking:

Most importantly is that now that we are kicking out our posts and users to Google, if it starts indexing all these spam pages and links out to this crap and untrusted sites (trust me, it knows) — it will blacklist us from the search engine — and kiss our entire long term search engine marketing strategy goodbye.

Secondly. It devalues our actual high quality content. Who wants to post their cool stuff if everyday it is getting buried by bull shit?

Thirdly, if we want more content on the site. 10 minutes a day users can post fresh real content, even if it just a shoutout to say what your plans are that day. I think the mentality that we need bots to post garbage vs our actual members posting legit interaction, is the wrong way of thinking. ...create a couple accounts if you want, that is fine, i got a few of them.

Anyhow, that is where I am at.


Chris Dodge's picture

I agree. Long term thinking. We will get there one member at a time and patience is a virtue. 

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